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The prices of property in Gibraltar has been steadily rising, in the same way as property globally had been doing until the recent downturn, but the ever diminishing space available certainly means that proprty prices in Gibraltar continue to rise. There has been a swathe of newly erected property in Gibraltar for both residential and commercial use mainly finished to a very high standard. The high end properties are mainly built with 'high networth individuals' in mind who have to own a property in keeping with their wealth in order to qualify for the minumal tax category status.


Due the prices of property in Gibraltar the rental property in Gibraltar is quite strong with plenty of selection available. With the option of views of sea on almost all properties, the quality of the rental properties in Gibraltar tends to be quite high. Having said this there are many blocks that were built in the 1960’s that are currently in he process of modernization. A standard 2 bed rental property in Gibraltar may drastically vary in prices depending on location and specification, as you would expect in any place across the world, so it is very hard to provide a guide on prices for rental property in Gibraltar.



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Access to rental property in Gibraltar can be achieved via a short search on the internet with plenty of choice available. The previous lack of available rental property has served to push prices up and led many people to seek accomomdation across the border in La Linea but even now the town sees the available properties snapped up quickly. Other areas to consider around Gibraltar are Alcaidesa, Duquesa, Torreguadiaro and Sotogrande. A search through the local free papers such as the Friday Ad or the Sur in English normally will get you on the right track.


For more information we suggest you contact us and we can put you in touch with our in house relocation specialist who provides a full relocation service - free of charge. We can help you with obtaining a rental property in Gibraltar or full assistance on buying a property in Gibraltar. We provide plenty of free advice on all elements of your move as having completed the task of moving we know the pitfalls and more importantly the shortcuts!


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 Buying a property in Gibraltar


Although not a cheap place to buy property in, mainly because of its restriction of space in which to build, Gibraltar offers great investment potential for the same reason. There are a lot of new property developments in Gibraltar underway - a lot of which are co-owned with the government in an attempt to create more affordable housing for its inhabitants. Old colonial properties once owned by the armed forces are now being renovated to create stylish living quarters for first time buyers.


There are still plenty of properties for the first time buyer however with many of the older tower blocks seeing internal make overs reminscent of 'Changing Rooms'. Many of the blocks such as Watergardens and Ocean heights come with swimming pools included, albeit they tend to be fairly small.

The process for buying a property in Gibraltar is very similar to that of buying a property in the UK and so you can feel in control through out its development.

Property in Gibraltar bought by a non-resident may be owned by an individual applicant or joint applicants, or alternatively, in the name of a company of which the applicant is the 100 per cent beneficial owner and over which he/she has full and effective control. In fact there are tax advantages if the property is purchased through a Gibraltar company.

It is not essential that the property in Gibraltar be purchased prior to approval of an application. However, the property to be purchased must be nominated and a refundable deposit paid to reserve the property for the applicant until the application is considered by the Government. Once the application is approved the applicant, on completion of the purchase of the property, will obtain a permit of residence. A permit is renewable after a specified term providing the requirements are met and the property is owned by the applicant.

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