Gibraltar Internet And E-Commerce Facilities


Until 2002, the two main Gibraltar telecommunications companies, GibTel and Nynexhad been offering a range of Internet services for a while on a digital telephone system which was becoming more fibre optic, and providing ISDN and leased lines from 64kb with a sufficiently large bandwidth for international users.


GNC and Gibtel were rebranded as Gibtelecom in 2002 and brought into common ownership in 2001, and and is now a joint venture company owned jointly by Verizon Communications of the USA and the Government of Gibraltar. The Gibtelecom Group wholly owns an Internet services subsidiary company called Gibconnect.


Gibtel continues to provide fixed, wireless and Internet services and employs about 140 people in its service of approx 25,000 fixed line customers and over 14,000 mobile customers.



There are a number of other ISPs of which Gibnet Limited is one, offering ADSL among other facilities.


Gibraltar's main achievements in e-commerce thus far have been in the financial derivatives and betting sectors, where a variety of British companies have re-located to take advantage of telecommunications and Internet services provided by the local operators. Victor Chandler, with approx 300 employees in Gibraltar, is amongst the highest profile, but is just one amongst the many that have set up in Gibraltar.


New players come into the market as the effects of liberalisation are now being felt, quality improving as the prices of many services fall in competition. The Government stated that it views these developments as a fundamental part of the growth and development of this sector.




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