Duty Free in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a duty free location so the purchase of certain goods here can lead to significant savings against their purchase in other countries. You are bound by certain resrictions however as detailed below in the Duty Free Allowance for Gibraltar section.

Duty Free Allowance Gibraltar

Duty Free Allowance Gibraltar - Tobacco Products


Cigarillos (cigars with a maximum weight each of 3 grammes)
Smoking tobacco 200 grammes
Duty Free Allowance Gibraltar - Alcoholic Beverages
Spirits, liqueurs, cordials
1 litre
Fortified wines and sparking wines
2 litres
Still wines (other than fortified wines) 2 litres
Duty Free Allowance Gibraltar - Perfume
Perfumes 50 grammes
Toilet water 0.25 grammes

No relief shall be afforded to any person under the age of 17 years in respect of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or perfume.

Goods you buy outside of Gibraltar

When you enter Gibraltar you will pass through Customs and must declare everything in excess of the duty free allowances for Gibraltar, obtained outside Gibraltar. There are allowances for goods that can be imported free of duty by persons entering Gibraltar and who have not been in Gibraltar for at least 24 hours immediately preceding the time of such entry and not more than once in any calendar month:


Smugglers are individuals or groups who bring products into Gibraltar for resale without payment of duty. Smuggling is a crime so never carry anything into Gibraltar for somebody else or bring prohibited goods into Gibraltar. Smugglers evade the payment of duty and undercut legitimate trade.
If you are driving, make sure that everyone travelling with you knows what goods are prohibited or subject to import duty. If you smuggle goods in a car, the car may be seized.
Drug smuggling is a problem that faces everybody either directly as the family or friends of addicts, or indirectly through drug-related crime. Customs believe that the best way to prevent the distribution of drugs is to stop the drugs at the point of importation before they are broken down into smaller quantities for distribution and sale.
Although Customs allocate substantial human and other resources to tackling the drugs threat the public’s help is needed to seize more.
You can help stop smugglers bringing drugs into Gibraltar by reporting suspicious activity.






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