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Your CV is the only vehicle you have to getting your opportunity for an interview, so it has to be correct. If it is poorly laid out or full of mistakes then an employer will not be very inclined to ask you in for interview.



  • One of the most important things to remember is to try and keep the information relevant and concise.

  • Write your job roles down in chronological order, last job first. Spend most of your valuable two pages on the most recent and relevant jobs.

  • Do not just cut and paste your job description. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes, why should they see you? What contribution did you make to your employers?  What did you achieve?

  • Leave out interests, referees and anything not associated with your experience and expertise. Include contact information (Yes it happens!), your date of birth and don't have any gaps in chronology.

  • You and the people in your locality may know that Sproggins & sons are the largest producers of flange grommets in the world. Most of us don't. Put in some words about the scale of the operation. Turnover, number of employees etc. Assume that recruiters need educating about the companies that you have worked for.

  • Essential. What was the scale of your role, budget responsibility, and number of people you were responsible for. Be very honest and assume that the data will be checked.

  • Would you give the time of day to someone who sent in a C.V. with grammatical errors and miss-spellings?  Get someone else to read it!

  • Leave out pretty binders, fancy edges, photographs unless requested, referees and any failures. Leave remuneration for discussion or if requested include in the covering letter.

  • Do not over emphasise your ability. If languages are required be honest about your level. (Too easily found out!). Don’t ramble! With only two pages bullet points help.

  • If you have the opportunity tailor the C.V. To fit the role that you are applying for, take it.


Formatting a CV when applying for a job in Gibraltar


We have provided a template for you on our registration page but the details below will give your more guidance and to what infomration is required in each section.


Personal Profile

This is where you can write a thirty to fifty word profile summarizing your skills and experience to date. Make sure it is interesting and personal.


Work Experience:

YOUR JOB TITLE     Name of Company and Town     Date or number of years

List of duties performed in the role

A few sentences that describe your job (e.g. Responsible for providing information and advice on learning and training opportunities, careers advice and jobseeking to adults throughout North East Hampshire) followed by your achievements, or the skills and abilities you demonstrated at work or key responsibilities (or possibly tasks if they demonstrate particular technical capabilities)



Place of Education   Name of qualification     Date Taken of years studying
Grade Achieved


Skills / Professional Qualifications:

  • Skills. You should bullet point each of these skills. 
  • You may want to  accompany each one with some evidence in the form of an achievement or you may allow the evidence to be found in your career history
  • How many skills you list will depend on the balance you have decided to give your CV.
  • You would target the skills you list according to the job description you have in front of you...

Additional Information

e.g. languages, use of own vehicle,

Interests and Activities

Keep it fairly brief and honest - with no clever answers!


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