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If you are looking for jobs in Gibraltar or work in Gibraltar, then RecruitGibraltar are here to help make life easier and to provide lots of useful information about working in Gibraltar. We were established in 2004 and are the longest established recruitment agency in Gibraltar. We are a specialist recruitment agency servicing Gibraltar and covering a wide range of industry sectors helping many candidates find jobs in Gibraltar. If you are an employer looking to recruit the very best staff we offer a range of services tailored to your requirements and have fast become one of the leading recruitment agencies in Gibraltar.

Many people dream of living abroad and finding a job in Gibraltar but are under the impression that this is a complicated procedure. The actual process of obtaining jobs in Gibraltar is extremely straightforward. Assuming you have an EU passport obtaining jobs in Gibraltar is easy. Simply register with us now and take your first step towards your new life in the sun in Gibraltar or Spain!

Gibraltar Job Market News for May 2016


“So what are you planning to do for the summer? Will you be away, visiting some exotic Asian island?” candidly asks, your obviously well intentioned colleague, while she prepares her own, unsolicited answer, to the very same question.

Think about it, you have no clue what so ever on how exactly you will be surviving the summer yet to come. And it’s not like you couldn’t pick a lovely, Mediterranean, Asian or South-African destination for your long-awaited “maximum-14-days-holiday”. Everyone can do that. Problem is you’re dreaming of a different kind of getaway. Probably a permanent one, that possibly involves a full relocation and would most definitely take place in a really sunny area. Like Gibraltar!

Summer holidays are usually planned way ahead: bookings are made, transportation costs are calculated, museums are Googled, maps are downloaded, all details are perfected. Pretty much the same happens when you are supposed to plan ahead with your career. It’s not enough knowing what you want to do, just like it’s not enough to know you’ll be spending 2 weeks in Thailand next July. There are sooo many factors involved in the process that you have to coordinate for the plan to work smoothly. But if you want it bad enough, not even the sky, shall be the limit! 

So let’s talk about the perfect combo between a constant holiday feeling and a dream job – what do these two notions have in common? For starters, a geographic point, located in the very southern part of the old continent. Gibraltar.  A true goldmine for IT job seekers, Gibraltar offers today loads of professional growth opportunities, mainly within locally based online gaming companies. As you can see, jobs in Gibraltar are not so hard to find: accountancy, customer service, IT, banking, marketing and recruitment are amongst this months’ finest selection of career paths. You just have to decide which one would be a perfect match for your skills and knowledge.

And while you’re evaluating possibilities, why not spend a few days in Gibraltar, enjoying the relaxing, warm and joyful Mediterranean lifestyle, while serving some delicious tapas, having a glass of wine and exploring cultural activities organized under the vast umbrella of Gibraltar’s Spring Festival? Visual arts exhibitions, face and body painting competitions, health and fitness events, dog show, and wild parties at the Sunborn floating hotel, are already filling up May’s busy agenda.

Having a taste of Gibraltarian life, ask yourself this question: why settle for a two weeks summer holiday when you can spend a lifetime on a permanent holiday?

How can we help you find a job in Gibraltar?

We have many years experience in helping people find jobs in Gibraltar and help you in all areas from general discussion about your career, CV layout to interview techniques. So if you are considering moving to Gibraltar but have questions on any areas of relocation, from where to live through to renting cars, they please contact us.

If you do not see the role you want, but have 5 minutes to upload your CV, it makes sense to do so as jobs in Gibraltar are being filled ever more quickly and so you need to be in the right place to get one. We are very confidential so please upload in confidence that only we will see it and this will not be mentioned to anyone.

So what is really stopping you making the next step in your career or gaining the lifestyle you deserve? Make the call!

We hope to speak to you soon. 00350 200 77900

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